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How to Find the Home that’s Right for You

For the majority of home buyers, finding the right property to buy is often the most difficult step of a home buying process–more difficult than saving for a down payment or getting a mortgage.   1. How much house can you afford? Knowing what you can afford will help you narrow your search to homes […]

5 Tips For Staying Cool

There are plenty of ways to cool off this summer besides blasting your air conditioner. Before you turn ceiling fans on high, make sure they’re set to rotate counterclockwise. This helps generate a cooler breeze in your home. Take advantage of an outdoor grill or utilize small appliance, such as air fryers and slow cookers, […]

Landscaping Trends to Follow

With everyone staying at home now, a lot of us have that itch to get out in the yard and do some landscaping!  Below are a few ideas before you and the family tackle the lawn!   NATIVE PLANTS Interest in attracting birds and insects with a selection of native plants is growing in popularity […]

The Buying Process Part 2

Welcome back!  After you’ve done the research and found your dream home it’s time to: Submit an offer.  When you find a home that meets your needs, we’ll help you make an offer.  The offer includes a commitment for a deposit of good faith, so be sure to have the ash available.  Within the offer, you […]

The Buying Process Part 1

  Are you in the market for a home?  If it’s your first time purchasing a home, you may wonder what to expect during the buying process.   Do your Homework– when you know what you want, you’ll have an easier time finding it. *Where do you want to live? Drive around the neighborhoods and […]

Should You Co-Sign A Mortgage?

  The scenario often goes like this: an adult child with poor or no credit wants a parent to co-sign a home loan. If you’ve been asked to co-sign a mortgage for your child, a family member or a friend, be sure to get all the facts. why does this person need a co-signer? Is […]

Spruce Up Your Space with New Paint

The Easiest Way to Improve Your Home on a Budget The paint and supplies needed to redecorate a room typically costs less than $100. Can you think of another project that delivers such a remarkable transformation to your home’s look and feel for so little money?  Choose the Right Color It seems like homeowners have […]