Landscaping Trends to Follow

With everyone staying at home now, a lot of us have that itch to get out in the yard and do some landscaping!  Below are a few ideas before you and the family tackle the lawn!



Interest in attracting birds and insects with a selection of native plants is growing in popularity among homeowners.

“Creating pollinator-friendly gardens is something a lot of our professionals have been helping people with,” reports the National Association of Landscape Professionals.



Homegrown produce is making a comeback. Many modern landscaping designs incorporate ornamental vegetables into flower beds to add beauty not only to backyards but to the front as well. An herb garden is an option that doesn’t require much space and can be planted in the ground or in containers.

If you have a small yard, vertical gardens provide more room for plants to grow. They can also serve as a natural privacy fence around a deck or patio.



Outdoor lighting can be more eco-friendly by using LED bulbs in pools, fish ponds or fountains. Solar lighting along walkways and in lamp posts is a smart replacement for old incandescent fixtures.

Some household items can be up cycled into garden accessories. Consider converting a rusty wheelbarrow or children’s wagon into a flower planter, or pot herbs in recycled food cans and arrange them on the rungs of an old stepladder.



Instead of replacing mulch or other organic materials year after year, some homeowners are using river rock to line landscaping beds. In addition to being cost-effective, rocks are also attractive, low-maintenance and weather-resistant.


Staying at home or can’t get out? Call your local nursery or garden center. Several are offering a delivery service right to your yard!