Spruce Up Your Space with New Paint

The Easiest Way to Improve Your Home on a Budget

The paint and supplies needed to redecorate a room typically costs less than $100. Can you think of another project that delivers such a remarkable transformation to your home’s look and feel for so little money?

 Choose the Right Color

It seems like homeowners have struggled with choosing the right shades for their rooms since before Sir Isaac Newton invented the color wheel in 1706.

  1. Paint makers offer new color options each year based on the most current design sensibilities, and their cues are commonly highlighted on company websites and in home and garden media. Trends aside, the color you choose should reflect your family’s tastes and personalities.
  2. It also helps to keep the room’s purpose in mind. For example, a relaxing green or blue hue suits a bedroom or bath, and a deep red adds sophistication to a room that is intended for entertaining. Furthermore, light shades can make a small space seem larger, while dark ones may be used to create a warmer feeling in a large room.
  3. Ultimately, it’s usually best to select a shade that will balance out the room. If most of your furnishings are bold, go with a subdued look on the walls so they won’t compete. When the big pieces in the room are neutrals, consider adding a punch of color that is pulled from the decorative accessories.


Are You Planning to Sell Soon?

Don’t feel the need to neutralize a nicely staged interior if you already have custom paint colors that coordinate well with your furnishings. However if your home’s décor is dated or the walls are in rough condition, it’s best to create a blank canvas for potential buyers by applying a popular neutral color such as white, cream or beige.


All About Finishes

Flat: Matte finishes are good at concealing flaws but more difficult to maintain; flat paints works best for old walls and low-traffic areas.

Satin or Eggshell: Versatile and attractive satin finishes are great for walls in high traffic areas and family spaces because they are easier to wipe clean

Semi-gloss: With its visible shine, this durable finish is suitable for trim, woodwork, and high-moisture areas in the bath or kitchen.

Gloss: These are the shiniest finishes and are sometimes used to draw attention to doors, mantels, and other special architectural features.


Breathe Easier

If you’re concerned about the adverse health effects of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), look for the new low or zero VOC paints that release fewer toxic chemicals and odors into the air.