The Buying Process Part 2

Welcome back!  After you’ve done the research and found your dream home it’s time to:

Submit an offer.  When you find a home that meets your needs, we’ll help you make an offer.  The offer includes a commitment for a deposit of good faith, so be sure to have the ash available.  Within the offer, you can request conditions of the sale, such as repairs to be made or appliances you’d like to be included in the purchase.  The seller can agree to the terms or make a counter offer.  Once the offer is accepted and signed by both parties, the process is started!

Consider getting a home inspection.  A home inspector will look for structural damage, potential repairs and other issues.  Many buyers make the offer contingent upon the results of the inspection.  If the inspector finds a major issue, you may have the opportunity to renegotiate or withdraw your offer.

*Review the inspection report and decide which repairs should be addressed by the seller before closing.

*Before the sale is finalized, you’ll have the opportunity to walk through the home and make sure the repairs were completed.

Learn the home’s value.  Your lender will have an appraiser from a third-party company provide an estimate of the home’s value, ensuring you pay the fair price of the home.

Shop for home insurance.  Home insurance protects your biggest investment.  Meet with your insurance broker to go over your options and ensure you have the coverage you need.

Closing.  Prior to closing, your lender or escrow company will work with a title company to research the deed and ensure it’s free of any liens or other ownership tntities, among other things.  If you have questions about the terms of the sale or you have other legal concerns, a real estate attorney can address all of them.

At closing, you’ll read over and sign the paperwork.  When the check is given to the seller from you loan company, you’ll be able to move in!