How to avoid home buyer turnoffs

Optimize each and every scheduled showing of your home by avoiding these common buyer turnoffs.

Foul Odors. Eliminate any odors related to pets, smoking, mildew, and food. Let in some fresh air through the windows, place an open container of baking soda in smelly rooms and thoroughly clean carpets, furniture and curtains.

An Untidy Exterior. Overgrown shrubbery, broken fencing or peeling paint on garage doors give a poor first impression and also leave buyers wondering what other problems might be lurking due to neglect and lace of care.

Dirty Bathrooms. Cluttered, filthy bathrooms are an instant turnoff, so take a few minutes each day to make yours shine.

Pets on Property. Animals can make some people feel uncomfortable, so make sure pets are out of the home prior to showings.

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