savor the season with a spring bucket list

Last year, many people were stuck at home for much of the spring season. In order to safely enjoy the changing season now, consider creating a spring bucket list of activities to do on your own or with family members. Here are some ideas to get you started.

STOP AND SMELLL THE ROSES. Spring is famous for beautiful blooms, so slow down long enough to enjoy them. Explore an arboretum, hunt for wildflowers along a rural path or buy a bouquet from a local floral shop to brighten your table.

CELBRATE THE POETRY OF SPRING. April is National Poetry Month, so celebrate by reading poems about this warm, colorful season. Take a notepad with you on a nature walk and then write your own poem about what you observe and feel.

HAVE AN OLD-FASHIONED PICNIC. Pack up an easy lunch and spread out a blanket at a local park or in your backyard. Focus on feeling of the sunshine on your skin and the sounds of the outdoors while you enjoy your meal.

PLANT A TREE. Research the types of trees that grow well in your area and celebrate Arbor Day by adding new addition to your landscaping. If you don’t have space for a new tree at home, donate one to a local park in your community.

GO ON A BIKE RIDE. Look up bike trails in your area, pump up your tires and take a solo or family ride in the evening. Enjoy exercising in the great outdoors.

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